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What is Giordano ?
Giordano is a leading International retailer of relevant casual wear and accessories for men and women.

Where is Giordano from ?
Giordano is a World Brand with over 1,900 stores worldwide.
The company’s registered head office is in Hong Kong.

When did Giordano start its operations in India ?
Giordano started its operation with its first store in May 2006 in Chennai.
It plans to open stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and other major cities within the next 3 years.


What is Giordano’s Competitive advantage over other Apparel Retailers ?
Giordano strives at all times to understand its customers needs and endeavors to satisfy those needs through
quality products at competitive prices and exceptional customer service.
Our buying team works to create the look and feel for the season keeping in mind our customers needs.
Our sales team is trained to answer customer queries in terms of product information, merchandise care,
fits and quality to ensure maximum satisfaction.
Giordano offers a flexible Global exchange policy at our stores worldwide.

Where does Giordano source its Merchandise ?
Giordano sources its merchandise from its own factories as well as nominated factories in China and some
parts of Asia.
The Regional office in Hong Kong is responsible for quality checks before the merchandise is shipped to
each country.
Detailed quality specifications and guidelines are provided to factories in order to maintain quality and

Would the stores carry the latest / updated collection ?
Our shops in India will carry a wide range of Giordano’s latest collection as well as the complete range of
Giordano Core products.


When does Giordano have special promotions for its customers ?
Giordano introduces exciting promotions from time to time for its loyal customers.


Is the price same as what is charged in Middle East and SEA countries ?
The prices may be marginally higher by 10 to 20 % in India due to the high customs duties. However as far
as possible we try to maintain the same price structure globally.

Why don't you have Giordano Travel Gear/Watches in your Store and where is it available ?
Giordano Travel Gear and Watches are distributed under a license arrangement and are sold in India through
exclusive stores and shop in shop concepts.
The Travel Gear and Time Wear collections are also available in some leading departmental stores all over the

What does World Without Strangers mean ?
Giordano’s brand theme “world without strangers” represents the brand’s mission. The mission is to serve
customers of the world. The Giordano brand is locally indigenized to best serve the local customers (with
cosmopolitan flair).

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